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E-Documents for iSeries
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inFORM Decisions' Productsfax as400 spool files
Recognized as one of the easiest and fastest electronic form implementation systems for the AS/400(iSeries).
Generate AS/400 and iSeries reports and forms in PDF format.
  • Security MICR Check Printing
  • iSeries Positive Pay Check Fraud
  • iShop iSeries based shopping cart
  • iSeries ACH(electronic payment)
  • Send AS/400 (iSeries) merged spool files electronically as email attachments.
    Web Based Archive and Retrieval system to view previously created documents or checks.
    Need a solution for your WindowNT environment? We now offer document solutions for your WinNT platform.
    AS/400(iSeries) host based automatated faxing of e-documents, forms, invoices, purchase orders, etc.
    Our programmable flash card prevents check printing operations from unauthorized personnel.
    Our iSeries MICR check fraud prevention software.
    email as400 spool files ibm as400
    ibm iseries document solutions

    Vision for the Future                
    "…its about information delivery"

    Read Dan Forster's article on ACH in MC PressOnline

    inFORM Decisions is an e-document provider of "output" solutions. Our software gives you the ability to print laser forms, laser checks and formatted reports all the while saving thousands of dollars in the cost of pre-printed forms, usage, inventory costs, postage and mailing costs.

    The proliferation of internet technologies, means consumers and B2B professionals are beginning to expect their business information to be delivered as easily as an email attachment, web site link download, or retrieval from a network folder from their web browser. Whether this business information is encapsulated within the framework of lines and boxes, viewed in its raw form, or accessed and populated into an internet based form, the expectation level is there to receive or retrieve this information this fast and this easily. We understand this.

    The focus for our development team is to provide the latest, state-of-the-art delivery and business information access methods for iSeries, and now NT/Open Platform users, utilizing the latest in internet technologies and intelligent document archive retrieval. Capturing and indexing iSeries jobs and converting them to PDF will provide the intelligent back end, for a simple, user-friendly web based retrieval front end. Storing iSeries jobs, indexing and retrieving these from any web browser will be another delivery direction added to inFORM Decisions' already robust e-document "Suite".

    We have enhanced our Smart Routing™ functionality to provide more automated methods to auto-burst, auto-sort and auto-deliver business information (reports, forms, checks, transactions) based on pre-defined user conditions. This means that users can pre-define how each page of a spool file, print job, or database file will be sorted, burst and delivered. The delivery options available are laser print OutQ's, check printing OutQ's, email (with conversion to PDF, RTF, EXCEL, TXT, HTML and others formats)

    Our latest software enhancement involve utilizing web displayed forms posted via inFORM Decisions' iDocs software, or hand developed with iDocs Designer and posted to the web for data entry, delivery to specified users and actions taken upon those forms.

    inFORM Decisions e-banking and e-payment product lines consisting of:

    - iSeries ACH - an automated payment and debit system which runs straight off the iSeries host

    - iSeries Positive Pay - which is an automated iSeries host based electronic security reporting system to prevent payment fraud

    - reconciliation and audit reporting - which enhance and secure electronic inFORM Decisions' e-payment solutions

    - iSeries "shopping cart" software - turn-key shopping cart software for on-line transaction processing on an iSeries host.

    To contact a sales representative please give us a call

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