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About inFORM Decisions                

inFORM Decisions was founded in 1994 with a mission to provide advanced electronic document solutions to the AS/400 and associated Client/Server environments.

inFORM Decisions initial developments related strictly to providing laser form and laser check printing solutions. By the end of their second year, inFORM Decisions was being recognized for its innovative developments in e-form and e-check technologies. As the first and still the only company offering technology into the AS/400 arena that automatically converts scanned-in form (images) into editable forms (combined with an intuitive Drag 'n' Drop WYSIWYG Forms Designer), the technology was recognized as a significant advancement in the forms automation and workflow industry.

Another catalyst for inFORM Decisions' success came with their focus toward making their AS/400(iSeries) based forms integration software intuitive and easy to use for customers. Much thought was placed into approaches to make the AS/400(iSeries) software menu based. Users can select options for integration and security as opposed to entering long CL commands to execute electronic form operations. API's were also shared with customers and business partners in order that they be able to provide flexibility for their own unique electronic form and check integration requirements.

inFORM Decisions' electronic form systems -- iDocs -- and their security electronic check printing systems -- MICR 400 -- are now recognized worldwide for their ease of design, integration and security. Customers may control their own electronic document destiny (if you will) by designing, integrating and deploying electronic document applications throughout their enterprise...on their own.

From inception inFORM Decisions has kept an ear to the ground and an eye on newer and better ways to automate paper-based processing environments.

Their mission from the start, and still remains " be the leader in seamless and automated electronic document systems for the AS/400(iSeries) and associated Client-Server environments."

From 1997 to 1999, inFORM Decisions introduced a series of add-on electronic document modules:

Email electronically merged AS/400(iSeries) spool files as attachments. These electronically merged (with the form graphic) spool files can be opened and viewed with Adobe Viewer from any remote site with access to email or a browser... and direct from the AS/400(iSeries) green screen or session.

Re-route electronically merged spool files to inFORM Decisions' AS/400(iSeries) host based fax device, automatically transmitting the merged electronic form or check to fax machines as an exact copy of the merged, laser printed output.

Conditional Printing
This intelligent feature interrogate spool files for defined "triggers" to execute conditional user defined actions. For example, when finding a "trigger" call a different form, different spool map, different logo, image, signature or text block. Virtually any conditional application desired can be defined with this intelligent module.

MICR400 now has an advanced security option to generate a file directly on the AS/400(iSeries) which can be modemed to the bank as an electronic report of the days printed checks. This report tells the bank that they are only authorized to process these checks.

This little removable, programmable security device sits next to the laser printer (most popular HP, Lexmark, Ricoh, Xerox and IBM brands), and offers a removable "key" card security option. Sensitive resources such as Signatures, Bank logo, MICR line, and check form overlays can be stored and removed prior to and after laser check runs.

inFORM Decisions offers a full service team to provide on-site installation, training and support for e-form applications and network based "workflow" requirements. inFORM Decisions develops laser printer connectivity and is an HP Channel Partner, Xerox VAR, Ricoh business partner, HP DVAR and Lexmark Business partner. This positions inFORM Decisions as an excellent resource for supporting laser printing implementations, connectivity and electronic form systems.

inFORM Decisions has demonstration offices in with development systems in Aliso Viejo and Brea California and also in Hawaii. Our Sales offices are in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

For More Info, Send Us An Email:

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