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Partners Signup!

Partners Signup!

Want to join our growing list of business partners?

inFORM Decisions is committed to providing their partners with the necessary tools to be successful in providing e-document solutions to the iSeries (AS/400), Unix and NT open platform environments.

inFORM offers a select and qualified partner program, that exists to provide the end-user with the best possible e-document solution and service possible. Our award winning e-document software solutions for forms printing, check printing (MICR), faxing, emailing, web document retrieval and electronic payment have gained industry acclaim worldwide. We are continually seeking qualified, committed partnerships with strategic partners who can provide our e-document solutions worldwide with an opportunity to receive and ROI, not only on the software sales, but on the follow-up services that e-document solution selling can offer.

Its important to note, that we are interested in qualified partnerships, and that there will be vigilance to ensure that geographic territories and verticals will not conflict with other Partners. We understand that there must be enough room for you to operate and be successful. Partnering to provide an e-document module or solution to your strategic offerings without over-saturation or conflict of partner presence is our goal.

If you are interested in a partnership with inFORM Decisions, please click here to contact our Channel group, or complete an-online partnership application.

Partnerships available:

Strategic Vertical Partner

This is typically a software developer providing ERP, MRP or CRM accounting solutions to particular vertical industries. The SVP is for selected software vendors that provide a core technology, and have identified a unique competitive need requiring an integration of an e-document solution, as a value added enhancement to their own core offering. This model is basically an OEM Partnership whereby full re-branding and customized development of our core solution is based on Partners' defined requirements.

This Program invites technology companies that are committed to achieving a lucrative revenue stream to supplement their core line of business and understand the benefits of leveraging our already proven technology as their own. Our Strategic Partners should be dedicated to achieving the most comprehensive and best quality of solutions in their known space.

This level of partner is very strategic and must be qualified by inFORM's Management Team. This commitment level, if approved, will receive the highest levels of margin and support.

Authorized Reselling Partner

This category is for the reseller who wishes to resell e-document solutions cross-industry and/or cross-platform. The business model for this category naturally means that the reseller will be accessing customer requirements, providing the appropriate customer project quotation, and installing and training from beginning to end with minimal support from inFORM. This level is less strategic, but still must be qualified and accepted by inFORM.

Authorized Referral Partner

The Referral Program is designed for companies who focus on developing opportunities for inFORM Decisions, and pass them to us for a fee.

To contact a sales representative please give us a call

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