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Recognized as one of the easiest and fastest electronic form implementation systems for the AS/400(iSeries).
Generate AS/400 and iSeries reports and forms in PDF format.
  • Security MICR Check Printing
  • iSeries Positive Pay Check Fraud
  • iShop iSeries based shopping cart
  • iSeries ACH(electronic payment)
  • Send AS/400 (iSeries) merged spool files electronically as email attachments.
    Web Based Archive and Retrieval system to view previously created documents or checks.
    Need a solution for your WindowNT environment? We now offer document solutions for your WinNT platform.
    AS/400(iSeries) host based automatated faxing of e-documents, forms, invoices, purchase orders, etc.
    Our programmable flash card prevents check printing operations from unauthorized personnel.
    Our iSeries MICR check fraud prevention software.
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    Positive Pay, AS/400 Electronic Checks, AS/400 Check Printing

    Positive Pay400™ is an electronic process by which companies and banks can mutually increase their level of security to an organization's check printing process.

    As an optional security module to inFORM Decisions' iChecks™ laser check printing software, Positive Pay captures pertinent information (check number and amount) and saves it into the Cash Handling File. During a pre-set and automated time, an AS/400(iSeries) auto-job collects the data from the Automated Cash Handling File, collects header, trailer and ont/layout information, then runs a calculation of totals and transmits this report via the AS/400(iSeries) ECS modem to the pre-selected bank. Thus, the bank is only authorized to process those checks included on the Positive Pay Report.

    "This Positive Pay Report in correlation with the bank’s record statement raises the security bar for bad guys attempting to pass fraudulent checks. By implementing this powerful security module a company is offloading accountability and responsibility of check fraud to their bank! If for any reason the bank cashes a check that was not on the report, the bank is liable." says Dan Forster, President of inFORM Decisions.

    inFORM Decisions specializes in electronic check and form systems for the AS/400(iSeries) and associated Client-Server environments. For more information on inFORM Decisions' electronic form and check printing systems.

    System Requirements:
    AS/400(iSeries) with OS/400, RISC v3r7m0 and higher.

    ACH will give your company the ability to transfer funds electronically via ACH.

    Imagine transferring funds to your company's accounts, clients, vendors and employees without the wait and hassle of traditional paperwork.

    What is ACH?
    ACH is a nationwide central clearing facility which processes your ACH transaction (NACHA). It simply receives your company's electronic, pre-authorized debit and credit payments from your bank and routes them to the designated receiving banks.

    ACH has been allowing company's to transfer funds safely, reliably, and conveniently for years. With ACH you can transfer funds from your company's account to be used for your payroll, travel and expense reimbursements, bill payments, retail purchases, Internet purchases, corporate payments, treasury management, annuities and pensions, dividends, and government payments such as Social Security and Veteran benefits.

    • Transfer funds electronically to your accounts, clients, vendors, employees, etc.

    • Automatically debit your customers recurring bills. They will no longer need to write and mail the check, iACH will take care of it for them electronically.

    • Reduce the processing time and expense associated with traditional paper based account payables/receivables for your trading partners.

    • Consolidate your bank accounts through cash concentration and disbursement

    • Can be used to pay your federal and state taxes

    • E-mail notification for deposits.

    • Extensive tracking and reporting features.

    • Use as a stand alone product or integrate seamlessly with inFORM Decisions' award winning line of Electronic Workflow solutions.
    System Requirements:
    AS/400(iSeries) with OS/400, RISC v3r7m0 and higher.

    To contact a sales representative please give us a call
    (800) 858-5544

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