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E-Documents for iSeries
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Recognized as one of the easiest and fastest electronic form implementation systems for the AS/400(iSeries).
Generate AS/400 and iSeries reports and forms in PDF format.
  • Security MICR Check Printing
  • iSeries Positive Pay Check Fraud
  • iShop iSeries based shopping cart
  • iSeries ACH(electronic payment)
  • Send AS/400 (iSeries) merged spool files electronically as email attachments.
    Web Based Archive and Retrieval system to view previously created documents or checks.
    Need a solution for your WindowNT environment? We now offer document solutions for your WinNT platform.
    AS/400(iSeries) host based automatated faxing of e-documents, forms, invoices, purchase orders, etc.
    Our programmable flash card prevents check printing operations from unauthorized personnel.
    Our iSeries MICR check fraud prevention software.
    email as400 spool files ibm as400
    ibm iseries document solutions

    iSeries PDF, iSeries PCL to PDF

    High speed, high quality PCL to PDF conversion

    inFORM Decisions iPDF offers an iSeries - AS/400 native command line PCL to PDF converter interface with API's that convert Hewlett Packard PCL output format (documents) into to Adobe PDF output format (documents), quickly and cleanly. inFORM's iPDF provides intelligent conversion of PCL text and objects in a PDF format that is compressed, intelligent and searchable. Again, iPDF is native, so there is no requirement to download to a PC to do the conversion.

    Benchmarked against a variety of offerings on the market, iPDF was measured to be a faster conversion, and better quality output for all necessary elements of a converted document, including shading, lines, boxes, text, appropriate font conversion, and more. iPDF does not do a raster (or TIF) based conversion but a complete conversion of all elements of the document.

    iPDF is a native PCL to PDF converter, that is iSeries (AS/400) host based, and offers a fully configurable, command line API for converting iSeries PCL forms, reports and documents to intelligent PDF format, and an convert documents residing in the IFS to PDF. The resulting PDF form files can be indexed and accessed through any existing Web archive retrieval servers.

    Click here to view information on inFORM's iSeries web based archive-retrieval software solution, iView or their automatic PDF converter inbasket - PDF Document Center.

    With iPDF users can easily view their LaserJet PCL files using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. In addition, you can easily route your documents using your in-house email system - Lotus Notes, Exchange or inFORM Decisions iMail iSeries based email system.

    Click here to view information on inFORM's iSeries native email system iMail

    iPDF features font substitution, so that printer resident fonts can be mapped to Acrobat Viewer resident fonts. This reduces output file size and processing time. IPDF also has user specifiable output file compression. Four levels of compression are available to control the quality versus performance variable.

    iPDF interfaces at two levels. The higher level for the end user is via an iSeries command and permits the user to specify the input ASCII spool file and the output PDF file. Run options are taken from an editable configuration file. The lower level API for the programmer is a command line interface through which the calling program may specify the conversion options.

    Since Acrobat 4.0 includes ActiveX plug-ins, users can embed links to PDF print files on web pages, enabling browsing of archived output files from an internet browser.

    Click here, if you would like to review inFORM Decisions web based archive retrieval PDF Document Center - iVIEW.

    System Requirements:
    AS/400(iSeries) with OS/400, V4R4M0 and higher.

    To contact a sales representative please give us a call
    (800) 858-5544

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